Coercion-Free: Group Consciousness Practice

Tuesdays 7:30-9:00PM Eastern Time on ZOOM!

It has been said that the next enlightened being will be not an individual but a group of people. This is the ultimate aim of this group: to practice the expansion of our consciousness both as individuals AND as a group so that the fire of life burns more brightly in us.


GCP is by invitation only, so if you would like to participate, you may ask for membership, which will be granted if there is unanimous agreement of the regular members of the group.


E-mail for inquiries.


Membership is donation based, with the minimum donation being your presence. Your presence alone is enough.
Membership is at the full discretion of the regular attendees of the Group, and may be revoked and/or re-instated at any time only upon unanimous agreement of regular attendees. A regular member is a member who has attended at least 6 of the last 9 sessions.
The spirit and principle of GCP is a profound commitment to resolve any issues which may arise, as far as membership in the group is concerned.
Part of the essence of what we are doing is allowing the “mess” to arise, so that we can be present with ourselves in it and find the perfection in it. We are committed to practicing an embodied YES TO THE MESS with presence, appreciation, integrity, wholeness and PLAY!
There is absolutely no obligation to give money, however, attendance is required for the corresponding money distribution, and lack of attendance will pro-rate the amount of money distributed each week. More about that under the large heading below!

The old model of donating only to 1 leader, or a few leaders, is now pronounced DEAD!:

Here’s what happens when you donate:

100% of the funds from each week’s donation go back to the group the next day, distributed equally among all members who attended that week.

So let’s say in a very new group there are 12 members on a given week, for example, and 1 person gives $80, 2 people give $20, 4 people give $10, 4 people each give $5, and one person gives only their presence. This would be a total of $144. If the group has 12 members, then each person gets $15 that week.

$80 X 1
$20 X 2
$10 X 4
$5 X 4
$0 X 1
$180 / 12 = $15 to each member

We are not yet sure how many individuals one group can handle, but the number may be somewhere around 14.

When each person is as much of an “owner” as everyone else, there is a completely different vibration going on. With this conservative estimate, that would be $100 for each person each week. That would be $400/person/month, if there were 4 meetings that month. Now THAT could make a difference for people!

It’s crucial to remember: donating more does not give you more clout nor does donating more make your experience any more important than anyone else’s. Giving is a relative action which you do for both yourself and the group. For some people $1000 is barely a drop in the bucket, for others, $1 may be all they have at the time.

Here’s what’s really going on with the money:

Because money is a physical representation of ENERGY, when you donate, you are investing ENERGY directly into yourself and the group. One way to say this is that you are putting “skin in the game.” It matters more to you when you pay for it. Often there is a direct positive correlation between how much you pay and how much you care about something. Part of that donation comes right back to you in the form of cash, and the rest is distributed to each member evenly.

Members can also donate in the form of food or art or any other valuable materials. This becomes easier when groups meet in-person (instead of virtually).

Remember!: YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW. You harvest what you plant. In other words, you get out at least 3-10-100X what you put in. You harvest many times the fruit of the kinds of seeds you plant, as long as you nurture the seeds and plants properly. SO PLEASE GIVE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN BUT ONLY WITHIN YOUR MEANS AND ONLY AS YOU MAY FEEL INSPIRED!

Ultimately, this whole thing is *really* about energizing EVERY part of our beings, individually and collectively, and the money is just a “physical” or “digital” representation of the energy you are willing to invest in yourself and the group, and your presence ALONE is the most valuable type of donation you can ever give, anywhere.

All transactions are fully transparent! Each week, all group members are e-mailed the transaction ledger along with their distribution, so there is FULL ACCOUNTABILITY for the collection and distribution of funds.

The guiding principles which we practice are:

  1. Presence: Being with what is
  2. Appreciation: Sharing authentically what is happening in our experience
  3. Integrity: Honoring what is most indestructibly true in ourselves and in each other. Taking responsibility for our experience, and meeting each other where we are. This includes: No coercing each other. Full commitment to the practice of non-harming.
  4. Wholeness: Honoring the perfection of the whole
  5. Play!The invitation is to “play full out,” to hold nothing back WHILE staying connected. STAY CONNECTED WHILE YOU PLAY FULL OUT.

This is a dynamic group, ever evolving, and we are as perfectly divine and human as anyone else.

We call GCP a PRACTICE because we are not always going to get it right. We are going to fuck it up sometimes, and that’s part of the beauty, part of the excitement!

We engage as INDIVIDUALS with this practice in a GROUP because this exponentially amplifies the fire of awareness, allowing our light to penetrate further into our dark. We give precedent neither to the individual nor to the collective! We practice walking the razor’s edge of balance between the two and among the super-mind which includes both the individual and group. We allow natural cycles to ebb and flow, just as we experience natural earthly cycles of day and night, and of spring, summer, fall and winter. Sometimes one “expression” takes the stage, but everyone gets their turn!

And finally, this is a group CONSCIOUSNESS practice because we practice opening our awareness to the EXPERIENCE of being with ourselves and each other. We are slowing down, intentionally allowing what needs to arise to arise out of the stillness. This is a type of inter-subjective meditation, often with verbal exchange, although sometimes words may not be needed.