Is it really possible to feel fucking great all the time?

Is it really possible to feel fucking great all the time?

Imagine, for a moment, feeling so fucking good all the time.

Imagine a world in which everywhere you go, every interaction you have, every moment of every day is alive with wonder and electricity and awe.

Maybe that seems impossible.

Why isn’t it like this already?

Why do we have moments of so much pain and suffering in our lives?

I invite you to consider that the answer lies not exactly in “feeling love all the time,” but more precisely in “loving how you feel” all the time.

Sounds crazy, right?

Let’s take an easy example.

Think about a moment when you came across a person you didn’t like.

Got it? (That wasn’t the hard part, was it? )…for me neither!!

Now, what happens when you see this person?

Do you feel anger? Do you feel fear? Hate? Hurt? Do you just feel a general tension in your body?

Now, ask yourself this: Where are all those feelings happening?

Are they happening in the other person? Is the other person “making” you feel these things”

Or are these feeling happening inside of YOU?

That’s right! They’re happening inside of you!

Feelings/Emotions are our body’s way of giving us massive amounts of information very quickly.

All the experiences we’ve had, and the stories we believe about what these experiences mean, produce the sensations in our bodies.

The sensations will often automatically produce a thought, an idea in our mind, associating and linking these sensations to the idea(s), which we then call an emotion, or a feeling.

*****What most of us do, most of the time, is we resist what happens.*****

We often react to the sensations (actually the ALIVEness) in our bodies as intrusive and unwelcome. We perceive the ENERGY in our bodies, so often, as an inconvenience on the lighter end of things, or even as a danger, on the more intense end of the spectrum.

But consider this: that what we are resisting is ENERGY. And that same energy could be for us, as a gift–an ENERGIZING force of our bodies, of our lives, if, we can begin to open to it.

When we practice opening to the wisdom and LIFE FORCE in our bodies, maybe just a little bit at a time, we begin to become more energized, more ALIVE, less in resistance to OUR LIFE AS IT ACTUALLY IS.

We have become so lost in thought, that when we feel almost any sensation, we usually immediately believe the ideas and thoughts automatically generated around those sensations, and, furthermore, we often believe we must act on whatever ideas appear.

The truth is:

We are often plain terrified of ourselves. Of our own energy, our own aliveness, our own power.

We think we have bad parts of ourselves.

We condemn the parts of ourselves that need our love (our attention and patience) the most.

We withdraw. We hide. We perceive some of the intensity of what we feel to be potentially hurtful to others or to ourselves, so we show up, but we don’t really show up.

We come out, but we’re looking forward to being back home where maybe we don’t have to pretend so much…

But we forget that the only parts of ourselves that would ever want to hurt another, are the parts of ourselves that are themselves hurting. And those parts need our love the most. And they need expression.

They need our courage to reveal them, and to give each other (and mostly ourselves) the chance to BE WITH them.

And what is love, if it’s not simply “being with.”

Most people are desperately trying to avoid being with darkness. We are desperately trying to avoid being with pain.

But that’s where the light must go if it is to expand.

The darkness is not bad. Pain is not bad.

The darkness is simply the edge of the light, where the light wants to shine further. And the pain is the edge of our willingness to be with our life.

And when we open to it, and allow it to reveal what it is hiding, we begin to remember who we really are, that we are love, that we are light, and that we are good, and that we do not really wish to cause more pain, but our avoidance of the pain and of the expression of the pain, was actually causing more pain.

We cause more pain by trying to avoid pain.

When we reveal ourselves to ourselves (to each other), bit by bit, we begin to see how life IS actually happening for us, not to us, and we begin, instead of wanting so badly to “feel good all the time” to simply know that what we feel is already good, all the time, especially when it hurts.

And that it’s ok.

And by revealing our pain, we may begin to remember that our pain is a gift that can energize all of us, if we are willing to feel it, to reveal it, to open to it, to express it, and, in THIS way, to actually let it go.

No more running away.

No more spiritual by-passing.

No more hiding and withdrawing.

No more re-acting and co-ercing.

That’s the practice. And when we fuck it up, we come back to it. Over and over and over.

That’s life, baby. That’s the practice.

We learn how to live it. We learn how to welcome how we feel when we’re feeling something we don’t want to feel.

We practice expressing what we’re afraid to express.

We practice showing up when we’d rather hide.

We practice being whom we really are.

As much as we can, as often as we can, and we KEEP LOVING OURSELVES WHEN WE FUCK IT UP.

And it is in this way, that we can feel so fucking good, at the very least, MORE of the time, to the same degree we open to the intensity of life’s gifts, both the easy and the difficult gifts.

‘Cause God knows some of these gifts are difficult as hell.

Y’all with me?

Within several weeks, I’ll begin hosting weekly Personal Energy, Love & Power, Dynamic Group Coaching on Thursday nights, where we are going to help each other shine a light into the darkness and free ourselves from that which holds us back from being everything we can be.

We are going to tap into more of the infinite well of energy from which we have arisen, and to which we will return, so that between those times, we can be more of whom we are really meant to be.

They’re going to be fucking GREAT.