Creating the results you want:

The key to catalyze Self-realization is to cultivate awareness and presence.

In our coaching calls, I create with you a container in which you will be able to let go of undesirable repeated patterns, of stuck and heavy energy, of limiting beliefs, and of anything which no longer serves your highest, greatest and noblest good. And because of my individuated presence, compassion, truthfulness and harmlessness, when you coach with me, you have a genuine opportunity to powerfully let go of blockages.

We do this by exploring and inviting your consciousness forward, with gentleness, approval and courage. Some of the questions I ask you in our sessions are along the lines of: What do you really want? What do you dream about and are possibly afraid is out of reach? What are your fears? What are the potential blocks to living your dreams? What is the challenge? Why do you want this? What will change once you get it? What and how are your daily and weekly practices? What is causing you pain or struggle in your life? What brings you joy and how can you create and step into more of that? What’s draining you? What’s fueling you? What is the next step you would like to take?

You can answer these questions on your own, and that would be quite powerful. However, when we combine our awareness together, there is an exponential amplification of the energy available for you to grow, to transform, and to create your dream life more easily.

We are ultimately cultivating the qualities you are looking for more of, which likely include gratitude, contentment, love, joy and peace.

My favorite thing to do for my clients is simply to hold space for them and their process; to offer them deep compassion, patience, curiosity and penetrating awareness, so that they can release whatever is burdening them or standing in the way of more clarity, lightness and a greater sense of freedom and energy for life. Usually this process of letting go, which is fueled by amplifying awareness, is what needs to happen first. Then with the energy that has been freed up from the effort of holding on, the next steps are clearer and easier. Strategies and tactics may be helpful initially, but they are usually far more useful after shifts and openings in consciousness take place. When the darkness is dispelled and the light inside is increased, your pathway forward becomes clearer.

I am trained in many different modalities, and I have many tools, techniques and practices to offer you, depending on your situation. Usually it is a combination of what I offer and of what you already know that you may choose to employ with your newfound clarity, confidence and energy.

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