In your self-healing coaching calls with me, you will become profoundly present with yourself, in the supportive presence of my exquisite listening.

Of course, it is all self-healing. I don’t heal you; you heal yourself.

It is fundamentally our illusions of separation and our attachments which keep us suffering and stuck in our lives.

In our calls, my highly trained awareness amplifies yours, and I help you to be present with yourself in a powerful way which transforms your experience of yourself.

What people really need most in order to catalyze their healing and to remember their wholeness is to be powerfully present with all parts of themselves.

I create with you a container in which you will be able to let go of undesirable repeated patterns, of stuck and heavy energy, of limiting beliefs, and of anything which no longer serves your highest and noblest good.

We do this by exploring and inviting your consciousness forward, with gentleness, approval and courage.

We also cultivate the qualities you are looking for more of, which may include gratitude, contentment, love, joy and peace!

When the debris of the unconscious is witnessed in this kind of container, then clarity, levity, and enlightenment remain in its place. After this, your unique way forward reveals itself to you, and knowledge of the proper tactics and practices becomes useful for your success. It may be a bio-hacking intervention, a psychological transformation technique, or any other intervention or shift. Strategies and tactics may be helpful initially, but are usually more useful *after* the shift in consciousness takes place.

In this way, I serve your self-healing process so that you may shine ever more brightly and be ever more fully alive.

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