How To Experience The Health, Wealth & Relationships You Really Want

You ready for a little “heresy”?

I’ll give it to you bluntly:

You are perfect.

There is no such thing as Original Sin. Original sin is a myth made up to try to keep you stuck for as long as possible.

You really are perfect. You started out that way, and you still are that way.

“Give me a break, brother! If I’m really perfect, then why don’t I feel like I’m perfect all the time, Aaron? Why is there suffering in my life and/or in the world? If I’m really so perfect then why don’t I have the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect partner, the perfect family, the perfect country, the perfect world, etc?!?”

You might not “feel like” you’re perfect because here you are on this journey right now in which you were born and raised into a particular family line, a particular culture and essentially into an incredibly dense conditioning that has attempted to cover up your basic perfection since WAY before you were born, and in one way or another, part of you is resisting the perfection of your current circumstances, and this resistance is keeping you stuck. (It’s ok, I do it, too.)

Some people call these circumstances karma.

But the seed of you, which is still you–That from which you have blossomed–and even the very conditioning which seems to be holding you back, all originated from Perfection. So how could you not be perfect?

YOU ARE a perfect expression of God, of Love, aka “Pure Presence” taking physical form. The peace that surpasses understanding has formed you.

“Ok, that sounds nice, but here I am, preacher Aaron, struggling with this and that, feeling out of the flow at times, feeling out of touch with this so-called perfection you wax about. Even if I knew what you were saying were true, how does that help me and my life right now? Not to mention, if I’m already so freaking perfect, then why the hell would I need you to help me, anyhow?”

Thanks for asking!

First of all, you don’t need me to help you.

You’ve got this. You’re going to get where you need/want to go one way or another, eventually. For. Sure.

The reason people hire me is to accelerate their transformation.

Spending this kind of intentional time with me is like putting an infusion of high-octane fuel injection cleaner straight into the engine of your being.

As we turn toward ourselves, we awaken to a fuller embrace of whom and what we really are. We EXPAND. It’s not just “ascension,” it’s up and down. Longways and sideways. This is a full embodiment practice through uncommonly connected, curious and caring conversation.

Most people want to go “up.” But what goes up must come down, so what we do together is not just “ascend,” we EXPAND.

You practice letting go of everything you are not. Bit by bit, you let go of all the ideas and beliefs and conditioning which is creating and maintaining your problems.

We discover what part of you is indestructible by testing it with the bright fire of awareness.

This allows you to access more of your true power, energy and momentum. You relax more deeply into “the flow,” into “the zone.”

You slow down to become more effective at everything you do.

You learn how to leverage your energy more powerfully, so that it takes less effort to experience your best life.

Your body, your relationships and your wealth are all a reflection of your consciousness. One way to think about Consciousness is your alignment with and your surrender to the Self, also known as “Love,” also known as “Pure Presence.”

To the degree that we resist the Perfection of the Self, we suffer.

And suffering is a lot of hard work, isn’t it?

At some point, eventually, our resistance always shows up in our bodies.

Many of us at this time have incarnated here to be beacons of light for our generation, and for the the leadership (aka service) of Self-Realization on this wild, wondrous planet.

If you’re reading this right now, you may be one of those beings.

And now, maybe more than ever, the opportunity to step into your truest power is calling you.

If you resonate with the spirit of these words, or you are curious about exploring and unlocking more of your latent, innate magic, or maybe you’d just like to let go of some things that seem to be holding you back, then sign up for a session or 12 with me.

It often takes practice and patience to break free from our conditioning, but it IS possible.

With our consciousnesses combined, we summon a power greater than “you” and “me.” The field of awareness between us becomes exponentially amplified, and the experience of this presence catalyzes (y)our transformation at a fundamental, identity-level.

You will never be the same.

Through this practice, you gradually let go of who you think you are in order to return to the resting effortlessness of what and whom you really are.

And as your consciousness transforms, the material circumstances of your life: your relationships, your wealth, your body, all directly reflect your re-discovered levels of energy, wellness, abundance and freedom.

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