Turning Pain Into Power

The circumstances of your life are a reflection of you.

We often stay stuck in our lives, getting the same results we’ve been getting for years, because of unconscious conditioning, beliefs and unprocessed experiences.

Unconscious ideas, beliefs and experiences can stay stuck in our bodies and consciousness, influencing the circumstances of our lives from “behind the scenes” until we become more fully aware of them.

The circumstances of our lives will shift to the degree that we shift our consciousness.

In other words, we get the results in life that we want: the magical relationships, the brilliant health and wellness, the dream career, the abundant wealth–all as a direct reflection of our own consciousness.

So what we do in these sessions is we go to the root causes of your circumstances. The circumstances are like symptoms which point the way to where your awareness is needed. When we bring your awareness to the very roots of the symptoms, your consciousness can shift. Your outside life circumstances then reflect these shifts.

I am your committed guide and ally, on equal footing with you, playing a temporary role to get curious, hold space, and facilitate the acceleration of your self-healing, optimization and self-realization process.

So I gently guide you into your shadows, softly yet surely into the places you may have been avoiding or haven’t yet been able access on your own.

This practice of illuminating your consciousness and of turning toward your pain allows you to let go of your pain and stuck energy.

This is transformation.

And as you transform your consciousness, the outside circumstances of your life will directly reflect your newfound internal levels of energy, wellness, abundance and freedom.

This is the infinite path of becoming ever more fully alive.

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