In spring of 2016 I hired an astrologer to give me my first two professional readings: a birth chart reading and a Saturn return reading. These readings profoundly impacted the way I viewed my life and life in general.

I was astonished by what the astrologer saw in my charts and what she was able to show me about the “energetic blueprint” of my life including my strengths, challenges, and tendencies in my love-life, my work-life and wealth-generation, my family-life, my health, as well as my general karmic goals, challenges and opportunities.

I received answers and clarification to some questions which I had been asking for most of my life, and that insight has shaped my personal and professional growth in many ways since then. The knowledge I’ve gained about the influences of the planetary bodies on my life has helped me more quickly and easily align with my true spiritual calling and life purpose. Understanding my astrology or “energetic blueprint” has helped me to understand, accept and more easily navigate both long-term and short-term challenges and opportunities in my life.

Because of the impact these professional readings had on my psychology, I immediately started to study astrology myself. Over the last several years I’ve read countless astrology books, blogs and charts. I continue to deeply consider and reconsider the patterns I see in myself and the people around me and the potential connections of those patterns to the influences of our solar system’s planetary bodies–“the gods in the heavens” as they were known by many of our ancestors.

***I am not currently offering paid astrology readings***

*Exact time and place of birth is needed for the most accurate reading, e.g. 4:06 AM, May 13th, 1974, Atlanta, GA, USA. Please put this in your notes during checkout! You will be contacted within 24-48 hours of your purchase at the email address provided during checkout to schedule your reading via Zoom. I guarantee that you will be satisfied with my reading or your money back.

**If you prefer a Birthday reading (solar return) or Saturn return reading, please specify this in your order notes during checkout and in addition to giving your exact time and place of birth as in the example above, also note for the solar return, the city and state in which you will be located on your corresponding birthday or for your Saturn return, the city and state in which you will be spending most of your time. If this is your first professional Western/Tropical Zodiac astrology reading, I recommend starting with a Birth Chart reading.