1-on-1 Coaching

Surrender to your greatness. Live your purpose. Remember more of whom you really are.

Group Coaching

Harness the power of an highly amplified field of awareness, concentrated with love and precision, like a compassionate fire dissolving what holds you back. This is transformation in community.


Energy and Relationship Coach

Aaron lives for the transformation of pain into power. He helps people remember and surrender to the love and power of whom they really are.

Insights and inspiration

Every Action You Take Is Actually A Practice

You can think of a practice as any action you consistently take. For example, brushing your teeth, showering, (I know I'm making assumptions for some of you here😉), eating, communicating, driving the car, exercising, working/creating, meditating, walking,...

Power Dynamics in a Coaching Partnership

There are 2 fundamental cultural belief systems that create big problems around this nebulous idea and practice called "Coaching."   1. Many people, to some degree, want to be Gurus, and they want others to see the world the way they see it and to adopt their own...

Crying Makes You Stronger

Admission: I cry almost every day. The faster I'm growing and making changes in my life, taking risks, putting myself into uncomfortable situations in the pursuit of expanding my comfort zone, the more I cry. The more somatic meditation I do, the more I cry. The more...

Pain into power in about half an hour

Did you know you can turn your pain into power in about half an hour? Ok, maybe not ALL of it, but definitely SOME of it. And wouldn't it be nice to let some steam out of that pressure cooker, if you know what I mean? We're all holding tension in our bodies, in one...