The World You See Is A Reflection Of You

The World You See Is A Reflection Of You

Recently someone sent me a Snapchat video of the landscape scenery as they rode in a vehicle along the highway. The weather was gray and cloudy, wet and rainy, as it is this morning while I type this.

“It’s beautiful!” he proclaimed.

And I loved that he said that.

Where some would see gloom and nastiness, he saw beauty.

Why did he see beauty when so many others would have not recognized it?

He saw beauty because he was, however consciously or unconsciously, acknowledging his inner state of being.

What we perceive, and how we perceive, is a reflection of our inner state.

When you feel good, the world seems more beautiful. When you feel miserable, even a bright, sunshine-filled Saturday morning festival might not lift your spirits.

So the lesson is to do our best to care for our inner state because when we do, everything else takes care of itself much more readily.

Take small steps each day which are aligned with your life’s purpose, and patiently be satisfied with that.

Even small steps in the right direction is progress.

And progress = happiness.



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