Crying Makes You Stronger

Crying Makes You Stronger

Admission: I cry almost every day.

The faster I’m growing and making changes in my life, taking risks, putting myself into uncomfortable situations in the pursuit of expanding my comfort zone, the more I cry.

The more somatic meditation I do, the more I cry.

The more embodiment and healing work I do, the more I cry.

Crying is associated with growth, healing, and letting go of pain.

Vulnerability is the new leadership.

Because it takes more courage to be with the pain than to try to run away from it.

And trying to run away can only ever work temporarily anyway.

What’s cool about turning toward our pain, is that it gives us a chance to be with life as it really is, as opposed to our neuroticism, our ego projects, trying to freeze everything in place, trying to control ourselves and everyone around us.

And when we surrender to the pain, we remember that it was *for* us the whole time.

It is the fuel that empowers us with purpose and clarity, when we turn toward it, as a practice.

And we begin to discover a life with less effort underneath.

A life that is surrendered to something greater than “Aaron” and Aaron’s ego projects… our own attempts to protect who we think we are.

We are so much more, so much greater than we think we are.

And when we practice, practice, practice being with life as it really is, through somatic practices (in the body), we *experience* more of the beauty, ease and grace of life.

Crazy, I know.

Counter-intuitive…. or, at least, counter-conditioning, when it turns out the “poison” is the cure.

The pain is medicine.

Transforming us into more of whom we are really meant to be.

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Also, check out this article for some of the science that helped inspire this blurb:

Pain into power in about half an hour

Pain into power in about half an hour

Did you know you can turn your pain into power in about half an hour?

Ok, maybe not ALL of it, but definitely SOME of it.

And wouldn’t it be nice to let some steam out of that pressure cooker, if you know what I mean?

We’re all holding tension in our bodies, in one way or another *unless you’re already immortal, and if you are, then come talk to me now*

The problem is, we think we can lose.

We think we’re in this game of winning and losing, and sure, from one perspective, it looks that way.

But what happens when you just surrender?

What happens if you stop the effort and just…. tell it like it is. Say what you really think. Do what you really want to do….


Sure, maybe the whole world is not ready for that yet.

If you’re going to start a fire, maybe you should use a fire-pit, instead of lighting up in the middle of a Colorado pine forest.

What I do with my clients is sort of like that fire-pit.

I give them a place to experiment with letting go a little bit.

They get to admit how they really feel.

About their dreams.

About their perceived failures and shortcomings.

And about what they really, really, *really* want in their lives, and how they feel about receiving that.

We get real, so that you can stop putting forth so much effort, and relax more into the person you are underneath all that tiresome trying.

I’m a big fan of trying, don’t get me wrong. I think trying often gets a bad rap.

If you don’t try something, you won’t know…

But I’m talking about surrendering to the power inside you. The fuel that’s waiting for you to open to.

It’s mysterious, and frankly, I don’t understand it all the way myself, but I’ve been engaging in this practice for around 5 years, and it’s been changing everything for me, a little at a time.

The most powerful people always have a support team around them.

I’ve heard Tony Robbins himself has 4 coaches (I’d think probably more).

There’s no such thing as a “self-made” person.

If you’d like some support in living your best life, send me a quick message and let’s talk!

It’s time to start organizing a support team, a mastermind group of your own around yourself.

Allow me to help you remember more of your unlimited, unstoppable, unkillable power.