Nothing To Lose

Nothing To Lose

The search for external validation is an enticing one. Throughout my adult lifetime, I have pursued many shiny, external sources of potential validation, mostly having to do with money or women.

Whenever I have fallen for the illusion that something outside of myself can fulfill me, I am eventually and inevitably greeted with the reality that this is simply not the case.

This is because your reality is ultimately a reflection of your consciousness. If you don’t have it inside already–that is to say if you haven’t realized it inside you already–even if you get what you are after, it won’t complete you if you feel incomplete. It won’t satisfy you if you don’t already feel satisfied.

On the one hand, if you pursue what you want, you’ll either get it, or you’ll get the lessons. So either way, in this sense, you really can’t lose. You might as well go for it.

On the other hand, maybe you get what you want, but it turns out that what you *really* want is something else. Then back to the search, right?

When we finally exhaust ourselves from looking externally for that which can only come from within, maybe we simply take our seat in silence and begin to humbly listen.

And maybe this is the beginning of wisdom.