Heaven & Hell Are Places On Earth

Heaven & Hell Are Places On Earth

My belief is that heaven and hell are experiences here on Earth, and we participate in the creation of these experiences based on our Divinely creative capacity, as children of the One Infinite Creator, the only thing that exists, which expresses Itself in infinite forms.

How effectively we create our hellish or heavenly experience has to do with our awareness of our creative capacities and our willingness and ability to align with Divine Law in our thoughts, words and actions. This is learned and cultivated through practice, which we can do as students of Life.

I would say that Divine Law is written in our hearts.

Not necessarily our guts or our heads, although the information in every part of our body is useful and important in its role. But Divine Law is in our hearts. And it’s a discovery: learning to attune to it because we have been so deeply conditioned and blinded to forget, and there are many distortions and inversions and half-truths being thrown at us from every angle. But it’s there in our hearts, we just need to keeping seeking it.

Without hell there would be no heaven, just as without darkness there would be no such thing as light. Hot/Cold, Masculine/Feminine, etc. 

This polarity creates an opportunity to make a choice. We have the gift of free will.

We can continually make this archetypal choice about how we live our lives in our thoughts, words and actions, and how we will serve the One Infinite Creator.

How much will we choose to serve others, to forgive ourselves and others as well as life itself for being the way that it is? Would you forgive even the Devil himself? Will we choose to practice compassion? Or, on the other hand, will we choose to keep our hearts hard, to serve our own egos and to amass power and control?

This choice, especially in the long run, influences whether we experience heaven or hell here now.

This earth has been through many hellish millennia, but it is experiencing an awakening. Things are still quite rough, but the remembering is finally here. And as a globe in general, we are on an irreversible course to transform this earth into the Eden our hearts know is real. Some will join, others will not. 

Heaven is a place on earth when we practice forgiveness, acceptance of life, and service toward others. Through this practice, we remember our Divine, inalienable perfection, and the life we experience is transformed.

The heart is pure

A couple notes that may make more sense to those from a strong Judeo-Christian background:

My belief is that those hardened places of hate and revenge and “desperate wickedness” Jeremiah wrote about (from the book of Jeremiah in the Bible) are not the true heart. Those are the things that harden the heart, but the actual heart, beneath the evil is pure and innocent and full of unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness. The actual heart is not wicked at all. To the extent one forgives and allows fear to be dissolved in the light of indestructible truth, one realizes and experiences the purity of the heart. Love actually does conquer all.

Unconditional love includes boundaries

And another critical aspect of all of this is that strong boundaries are necessary for the sustenance of an abundant life, and forgiveness and unconditional love does not mean lowering our boundaries. Love and compassion *from a distance* could be unconditional love plus wisdom. Unconditional love does not necessarily mean martyrdom or self-sacrifice. That’s only one potential manifestation of unconditional love, and not necessarily wise in all circumstances.

And another way to look at this, for example, just because God loves us unconditionally doesn’t mean It compromises Its boundaries because maybe we ask it to do so. Unconditional love includes boundaries.

Love (with boundaries 😉 )